Frequently Asked Questions

The ticket is a discovery tool, to help artists, venues and audiences to create and explore new kinds of tickets.

You can use a mix of templates, conditions and actions to create, save and share a unique ticket, each with its' own unique rules. We've built this tool to explore and collect new ideas about how what people value and how we pay for live events. As more people create tickets, we're building a library of different conditions and actions that will help us imagine the future of ticketing.

All tickets created will be published anonymously on the ticket designer website, and available for others to view and explore.

Users may also share a unique link to tickets they have created or viewed on the site.

We ask everyone to be kind and considerate when creating tickets. We're applying filters to prevent specific offensive language on tickets. However, if there are any tickets that you believe are inappropriate, or should not be displayed on the site, then you can use the 'Report Ticket' function. These tickets will be suspended from public view, and investigated by the research team.

It's not (yet) possible to edit a ticket once you have published it. However, you can delete any of your tickets, and create a new one should you choose.

Each published ticket has a unique URL, meaning you can share the link to that ticket. You can view any of your own tickets in the 'My Account' section of the ticket designer.

To delete any individual ticket, go to the 'My Account' section, and select the trash can icon besides a specific ticket. The ticket will be permanently deleted.

You can delete your account from the 'My Account' section of the ticket designer. Deleting your account will delete all of your tickets, and data.

Please direct any general questions to the research lead, Dr. Chris Elsden (

If you have any technical issues or feedback about the site, please report these to Evan Morgan (