About the Project

Ticket designer is part of a research project called 'What is a Ticket?'

Exploring new approaches to tickets and payment for live events during the Covid-19 pandemic, this project asks: what is the future of ticketing, and how can the design of innovative payment interfaces connect performers and audiences in new ways?

We're interested in how tickets can become more programmable, more data-driven, connect to various digital services, and enable new kinds of transactions and interactions.

The ticketdesigner is a research prototype we have built to share our research publicly, and explore the future of ticketing with venues, artists, audiences and ticketing companies.

You can contribute to the project by using this site to create your own tickets, which over time will form a library of new ideas for tickets.

This research is based in the Institute for Design Informatics, at the University of Edinburgh in partnership wih Creative Informatics. This research is conducted according to Creative Informatics research ethics, available here. The project is jointly funded by the British Academy and the Leverhulme Trust.

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Research lead: Chris Elsden
Technical development: Evan Morgan